Will Workers’ Comp pay for Attendant Care in NC?

Attendant care issues come up from time to time in NC Workers’ Comp cases. When a spouse or other loved one is required to put their career on hold to take care of the injured worker, then you have attendant care issues in your case.

Insurance companies hate attendant care cases because, frankly, they are very expensive.  Even at $15-20/hour, a nurse that has to come to your home 10-15 hours a day to care for a loved one will amount to a lot of money.

For that reason, the insurance companies will fight these cases tooth and nail through the industrial commission, and possibly up to the Court of Appeals.

Typically, to receive these benefits from the Industrial Commission, you will have to find an expert to testify that attendant care is necessary, and the treating doctors will have to concur with those recommendations.  This sounds easy, but it is not.  It is expensive and can take a long time to see it’s way through the court system.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are putting your career on hold to care for a loved one that has been injured at work, you need to contact a Workers’ Comp Lawyer who is in a position to fight your case all the way to the end.