Snow and Ice Create Dangerous Conditions on NC Roads

Ok, so I admit – I’m a bit of a work-aholic.  My wife isn’t exactly pleased that I decided to head to work this morning, but now I’m here, so I might as well update my blog! In case you didn’t get the memo, the roads in central North Carolina are treacherous today (see stories here and here regarding the conditions).

Governor Perdue has warned people to stay off the roads so that the DOT can properly ice the roads while we wait for some warmer weather.

What does this have to do with Workers Compensation claims in North Carolina?  Everything.  If you are employed as a driver by your company, you must be extremely careful today.  Talk to your employers about whether you should even be driving.  Anyone who drives for a living is affected by the weather conditions outside, including the postal delivery workers (including UPS, FedEx and DHL), as well as other truckers and pizza delivery workers (on days like today, many people will order pizza for delivery!)

In addition, even if you don’t drive for work, but your employer required you to come to work against your will and you get in an accident, you could have a compensable claim.

Bottom line, if at all possible, stay home from work today.  However, if you have to go out driving today – be careful.  If you drive for a living and get in an accident, call a Workers Comp lawyer to discuss your rights.