Finishing up at the NCAJ Annual Meetings…

Today I am attending the last day of programming at the NCAJ Annual Meetings in Wilmington.  I have to tip my hat to the NCAJ, they have done a great job in putting together a top-notch program.  Some of the highlights included:

  • Some fabulous CLE programs.  Nobody really gets excited about CLE – but the programming was great and the presenter’s were fabulous.
  • The Worker’s Comp Section meeting on Sunday – With all of the recent developments in Worker’s Comp legislation at the state house, the section leaders did a great job of breaking down the new law and explaining it to us.
  • Social programs – The Texas Hold ’em Tournament (sponsored by Roane Law)and Haunted Pub Crawl were both great opportunities to network with colleagues, and meet some new folks.
  • Workers Compensation Discussions @ Dawn – Thanks to all the veteran comp lawyers who showed up each morning at 7 am to give us some guidance on our practice and answer questions about issues that we are facing each day.