Flash Fire at Sherwin Williams Plant leads to burned worker

A Flash Fire at the Sherwin Williams Plant in Greensboro has burned a worker, reports CBS News.  The fire happened Thursday morning and burned the worker on his arms and face.

This unfortunate incident was the result of chemical vapors igniting, reports fire investigators, and is yet another reason that workers must be vigilant in maintaining a safe work environment.

The Raleigh Workers Compensation Lawyers at The Hart Law Firm understand how devastating a tragic event such as this can be.  Chemical burns are a serious danger of working in any factory.  When you or a loved one is involved in an accident like this, it is important for you to consult legal counsel about your rights.

The actions you take in the initial hours and days after a workplace accident can have a significant impact on your case and how it gets resolved.  The insurance companies will do anything they can to deny your claim or limit the workers compensation benefits you are legally entitled to – don’t let that happen to you.

One of the first things that this worker or his family must do is inform his employer (Sherwin Williams), in writing, of the accident.  Seems like a pretty simple thing to do, right?  But six months or a year from now, nobody will remember how severe this accident was, and if he failed to write this very important letter, it could be used against him in court.  In a severe workplace accident, such as a flash fire, this very simple step is often overlooked.

After getting appropriate medical treatment, the next thing I would advise this worker to do is contact an attorney to learn more about his rights.  A workers compensation lawyer can help him to navigate this treacherous and complicated claim – and make sure nothing is overlooked.

If you or a loved one was injured in a Flash Fire or Other Workplace Accident, contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer today.

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