How Workers’ Comp lawyers get paid in North Carolina

The issue of how Workers’ Comp Lawyers get paid in North Carolina is a touchy one. Today I had a discussion with a new client about fees, and how our office gets paid.  It was a timely (and often asked) question, especially since one of the topics discussed at Tuesday’s NCAJ workers compensation section meeting was the reasonableness of Workers’ Comp fees.

It seems that the perception of some Union workers in North Carolina, as well as perhaps the public generally, is that we as Workers’ Comp lawyers earn too much money.  As with anything in life, this is a subtle distortion of the facts – brought on by unscrupulous attorneys.

By unscrupulous, I mean those workers comp attorneys that are more interested in making a fast buck than properly representing their clients.  Here are some of the tactics that these attorneys will engage in:

  • They will sign up a client who is already receiving benefit checks, and immediately ask the industrial commission for their fee… (without doing any work on the case).
  • They will settle cases quickly, for far less than they are worth, just so that they can get paid and move on to the next case.

If you believe that your attorney has engaged in any of the tactics referenced above, please all Raleigh Workers Compensation Lawyer James Hart today to schedule a free case review at (919) 460-5422.

The vast majority of the Workers Comp Attorneys that I talk to do not engage in these practices.  The Comp attorneys that I know and respect take on a lot of clients with no hope of ever receiving a fee at all.  Will some of those cases turn into a large fee at the end?  Perhaps, but it is those cases that allow us to stay in business so that we can help the vast majority of our clients who will never pay us a fee.