Low Clearance: Truckers watch out!

Thanks to Workers Comp Insider for drawing my attention to this video.  All of the truck accidents in this video took place at a single trestle bridge in Durham, North Carolina.  There was a prominent sign that let everyone know that trucks over 11′ 8″ tall need not pass, but it seems that too many drivers weren’t paying attention.  My initial thought would be that most of the trucks would be casual drivers and rental trucks – but the video tells a different story.  Many professional drivers were involved as well.

If there is a moral to be had in this story, it is that if you drive for work, you must always be careful to pay attention to signs – especially if you drive a semi for a living.  The higher the truck, the more risk you face of an accident on a day-to-day basis.

For you truckers out there, make sure to check the Low Clearance Bridge Database if you are travelling a new route and need to check for problem bridges.  Additionally, America’s Independent Truckers Association also maintains a Truck Escort Referral Service.