What to Expect when you call The Hart Law Firm

If you have been injured on the job in a workplace accident, you will probably need to speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer at some point.  Here is what you can expect when you contact the The Hart Law Firm.

  1. You will be greeted by one of our friendly and cheerful receptionist’s who will take some preliminary information from you (name, phone number and email), ask you about why you are calling, and let you know whether I am available to speak with you.
  2. If I am available – I will take your call and you will be talking to an attorney immediately.
  3. If I am available to conduct a full-blown assessment of your case, then we can do it right then and there – over the phone.  Click here to learn more about what is covered during that initial free consultation.
  4. If I am not currently available for a full consultation – or if you would prefer to come in and meet with me in person, than I will ask you some additional questions about what is going on with your case and schedule you for a free consultation.
  5. If you and I both agree to it – we will discuss the next step for me to represent you, and outline how I would handle your case.

Here is what won’t happen during that initial phone call –

  1. We absolutely will NOT pressure you into retaining us as your attorney.  This is a big and important decision for you – we want it to be the right one.
  2. I will not make you any promises that I can’t keep.  Other attorneys may do this to get you to retain them – not me.

Questions?  Feel free to call Raleigh Workers Comp Lawyer James Hart at (919) 460-5422.  I’m happy to help you out in anyway I can to get the benefits you deserve.