What I love about Workers Compensation in North Carolina…

If I was asked what I love most about Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina, there are several answers that come to mind:

  1. Helping injured North Carolinian’s to get the benefits they are legally entitled to
  2. A complex and exciting area of law to practice in
  3. Meeting and building relationships with other lawyers who feel as strongly as I do about helping the workers of North Carolina

Today I had the privilege to meet with two other Workers’ Comp lawyers that share my vision for helping the injured people of North Carolina.  And while most lawyers would never sing the praises of their competition on their blog, I’m not like most lawyers.

First, I’d like to mention Sam Scudder of Scudder & Hedrick in Raleigh.  Sam and I had lunch today – and he, unsolicited, offered to help me out as I continue to build my Workers’ Comp practice.  Sam is a more established attorney with a full caseload, and certainly has other things to do besides help me – but that wasn’t the impression I got.  Sam is a good guy, and I would have no hesitation referring him work.

Second, I met with Jesse Shapiro of The Law Office of Jesse Shapiro in his Apex office. Like Sam, Jesse and I share a common vision of helping the people of North Carolina who need our assistance the most.  Jesse started his practice in 2006, and also offered to help me out in anyway he could.

If only more attorneys could be like Sam and Jesse – my impression is that most of the small group of attorneys that practice Workers Compensation are.

As the Workers Compensation Bar begins to gear up for a legislative fight in which the corporate interests are trying to take away benefits that workers are legally entitled to (more on this in future posts), it is important to have friends like Sam and Jesse on your side.